Primary Care

Primary Care services in central and south Georgia

Primary care providers are the first stop on your wellness journey.

A long-term relationship with a primary care provider can keep you healthier and lower your medical costs. They offer guidance to help you stay well, provide treatment when you're sick, and connect you with resources.

A primary care provider is your partner in health.

During visits, they can:

  • Perform annual wellness exams.
  • Recommend screenings to detect medical problems before you notice them.
  • Evaluate and diagnose health concerns that develop.
  • Propose treatment options to help you manage chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or depression.
  • Refer you to a medical specialist if needed.

Types of Primary Care Providers

At Mercer Medicine, you can choose from several different types of primary care providers:

  • Family medicine physicians diagnose and treat an entire spectrum of medical issues for patients of all ages. Mercer Medicine's family physicians typically see people 16 and older, although some locations may accept younger patients.
  • Internal medicine physicians diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses that affect adults. They are also experts in health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Geriatricians are primary care physicians who have extra training in treating older patients. Your body changes as you age, and a geriatric specialist can help you manage multiple health problems or complex conditions.
  • Nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide primary care for patients under the supervision of a physician.

Mercer Medicine is your partner in health and is committed to helping you stay healthy through preventative care and chronic disease management.

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