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Did you know that Medicare covers a one-time Welcome to Medicare screening exam and an Annual Wellness Visit? Both of these visits have no copays or deductibles and are an opportunity to focus on issues or concerns that may not be addressed in an office visit. Together with your healthcare team, you will develop a long-term preventative care plan to guide your health.

Wellness visits are available in-person or via telehealth.
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Types of Annual Visits

Welcome to Medicare Exam

The Welcome to Medicare screening exam is available to you as a newly enrolled Medicare patient. Despite its name, the Welcome to Medicare exam does not include an extensive physical exam. Instead, this visit focuses on health promotion and disease prevention.

Medicare pays for 100% of this exam. To be eligible for this benefit, the visit must be completed within the first 12 months of Medicare Part B enrollment. Medicare pays for one Welcome Exam per beneficiary per lifetime.

Annual Wellness Visit

The Annual Wellness Visit is a preventative visit where your provider will measure height, weight, body mass index (BMI), and blood pressure. Your provider will also talk to you about your medical and family history and health risks. Not to be confused with a routine physical exam, the purpose of the Annual Wellness Visit is to review your wellness and develop a personalized prevention plan for how to help keep you healthy.

Medicare pays for 100% of this exam. You are allowed one Annual Wellness Visit every 12 months.

Annual Routine Physical

The Annual Routine Physical is a more extensive exam than an Annual Wellness Visit. More commonly known as a complete physical exam, this visit is for addressing chronic illnesses and performing routine lab work. This visit might also include a lung exam, head and neck exam, abdominal exam, and a reflexes check.

Medicare does not cover routine physicals.

Wellness Visits are offered at the following locations:

What services are included in my Medicare wellness visits?
  • Update of your age, address, and contact information
  • Review of your medical history and medications
  • Update of your list of current care providers
  • Check of blood pressure, height, weight, and BMI
  • Screening for memory and behavioral changes
  • Review of movement ability and risk of falling
  • Written preventative screening plan for the next 5 to 10 years
  • Advanced care (end-of-life) planning
What should I bring to my Welcome to Medicare Exam?

✔ A copy of your medical records, including immunization records
✔ Family health history information, which will give your provider a better understanding of what your needs and health risks may be in the future
✔ A bag with all the medicines you take including over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and herbals
✔ Your insurance card

What should I bring to my Annual Wellness Visit?

✔ A list of the providers on your healthcare team including any specialists, home health agency, and medical equipment supply companies
✔ The names and phone numbers of the pharmacies that you use
✔ A bag with all the medicines you take including over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and herbals
✔ A copy of your advance directive, if you have one
✔ Your insurance card