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Mercer Medicine’s team of infectious disease specialists have experience diagnosing and treating diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These infections often impact a wide range of the body’s systems and can be complex. That’s where our specialists come in, handling challenging cases and prescribing effective treatments.

Two of our Infectious Disease specialists were among Georgia Trend magazine’s 2020 Top Doctors.

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The Mercer Advantage

As a subsidiary of the Mercer University School of Medicine, our infectious disease specialists are in touch with the latest infectious disease research and treatment solutions. Many of our providers are also professors and clinical instructors at the university, meaning they are consistently researching and striving to find new, effective ways to treat patients. Learn more about the Mercer difference here.

Travel Vaccines

Our infectious disease department offers vaccines for people planning to travel outside the United States. When traveling internationally, you could come in contact with diseases that are rare in the United States, making it critical to protect yourself. Some countries even require proof of vaccinations from certain diseases.

It’s recommended you be vaccinated 4-6 weeks before your scheduled travel. Please contact us at (478) 301-4111 to schedule an appointment for travel vaccinations. Our specialists can recommend certain vaccines based on the regions you plan on visiting.

Infectious Disease FAQ

When should I see an infectious disease specialist?

Not every illness requires the attention of a specialist. Your primary care doctor typically refers you to an infectious disease specialist if your illness is complex.

How do infectious disease specialists work with other medical professionals?

We work with your primary care provider to create an effective treatment plan that meets your needs. Oftentimes, our infectious disease specialists will request a follow-up visit to check on your status and ensure you’re responding well to treatment.

Referral Information

For information on how to refer a patient to Mercer Medicine’s infectious disease specialists, please visit our referral page.