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Many people only visit a medical professional when they’re sick. But we believe you should schedule regular wellness visits so your primary care doctor can help you navigate your health care needs as they arise. By being proactive about your health care instead of reactive, you will enjoy many benefits!

Discover the benefits of visiting Mercer Medicine’s primary care doctors for a wellness visit:

Maintain Low Health-Care Costs

Wellness checks are a great way to save money. At a wellness visit, your primary care doctor can check for the early stages of health problems or diseases. When a sickness is caught early, you can take appropriate steps to eliminate the root of the problem! Preventive healthcare is often much less expensive than reactive healthcare.

Easy Referrals to In-House Specialists

If we find an issue that requires a specialist during your wellness visit, we can immediately refer you to our in-house specialists. This drastically reduces time spent trying to find a specialist and exponentially increases your peace of mind. We have in-house specialists who can take care of health needs, such as:

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Boosts Your Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual State

All aspects of your health are interconnected – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. If you’re not feeling well physically, you may be more prone to anxiety, frustration, or sadness. When you have annual wellness checks, you are taking care of your physical body which in turn boosts your emotional, mental, and spiritual state!

Are you ready to schedule a wellness visit at our Macon or Plains location? Mercer Medicine’s primary care doctors are ready and willing to help you on your health care journey. Schedule an appointment today: (478) 301-4111.