Three Reasons Healthy People Should Visit Their Primary Care Provider

by Mercer Medicine

Posted on May 12, 2022

Even if you’re healthy, you should have a relationship with a primary care physician and schedule regular visits.

Just like maintaining your vehicle with regular tune-ups can improve your vehicle’s performance, regular visits with your primary care physician can optimize your health. Having a designated primary care physician can help you to know your risk factors, maintain a complete medical record, and prevent health concerns before they become big problems.

Know Your Numbers

With all baseline numbers, such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings, there is always an optimal number that all people strive to maintain. Knowing your numbers makes it easier to determine your risk factors what recommendations should be made to prevent future disease.

Maintain a Consistent Medical Record

You care for your present and future self when you visit your physician consistently. If you have a complete medical record and history, your primary care provider can pinpoint when a health issue arose and gain better insight into treating your symptoms.

Prevent Health Concerns

Health issues rarely arise suddenly. Your body gives subtle signs that something is wrong. If ignored, your body will present “louder,” more painful signs. Even if you’re healthy, you should see your physician on an annual basis to make sure you don’t have any underlying health issues that don’t yet show symptoms.

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