Should I See a Sports Medicine Physician?

by Mercer Medicine

Posted on Jun 01, 2022

Should I See a Sports Medicine Physician?

The only thing more frustrating than suffering from an injury is trying to figure out what type of physician to see. Should a person injured running, golfing, or gardening see the same type of physician as a college athlete? The answer is yes!

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine physicians use non-surgical techniques to help people improve their athletic performance (regardless of level), recover from an acute injury, and prevent future injuries.

When should I see a sports medicine physician?

Your body has unique ways of telling you when something is wrong, and it’s essential to pay attention! If you’ve suffered a sports injury, you may see signs such as:

  • Bruising
  • Instability
  • Joint swelling
  • Pain that disrupts daily activities
  • Symptoms that gradually get worse
  • Tenderness

Why is an appointment so important?
Seeing a physician for a sports injury is essential for many reasons. First, it allows us to inspect the injury for issues that may cause problems in the future. A tender knee today can develop into a painful, severe injury in a few weeks. It’s better to take preventive measures instead of reactive ones.

Second, your physician will be able to diagnose the injury and create a recovery plan to get you back in the game. Your injury likely falls within three categories — acute, overuse, or medical illness. Each injury requires a different type of recovery plan. Here’s a little more information regarding these types of injuries:

  • Acute injuries include sprains, cuts, herniated disks, pinched nerves, and fractures. Symptoms may include pain, bruising, spasms, numbness, and tingling.
  • Overuse injuries include tendonitis, shin splints, stress fractures, and nerve entrapment. Symptoms may include pain, swelling, grinding in the joints, and weakness.
  • Medical sports injuries include concussions, fever, skin infections, heat exhaustion, and abdominal pain. For medical sports injuries, the symptoms are specific to the exact condition.

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