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Injuries are common in athletes of all skill levels, from professionals to weekend warriors. Many minor injuries can be treated at home but be sure to watch for signs that it’s time to visit a sports injury doctor. Discover the details:

When to See a Doctor

Your body has unique ways of telling you when something is wrong. For example, a few symptoms of a recent concussion are headache, dizziness, vision problems, amnesia, loss of balance, nausea, disorientation, and trouble with concentration. The body tells us when something is wrong and it’s important to pay attention! If you’ve suffered a sports injury, you may see signs such as:

  • Bruising
  • Instability
  • Joint swelling
  • Pain that disrupts daily activity
  • Symptoms that gradually get worse
  • Tenderness

Even if you don’t have these symptoms but you’ve gotten hurt, let one of our experienced doctors evaluate your injury. This will help prevent painful issues in the future if the injury goes untreated.

Why an Appointment is Important

Seeing a doctor for a sports injury is important for many reasons. First, it allows us to inspect the injury for issues that may cause problems in the future. A tender knee today can develop into a painful, severe injury in a few weeks. It’s better to take preventive measures instead of reactive.

Second, your doctor will be able to diagnose the injury and create a recovery plan to get you back in the game. Your injury likely falls within three sports injury categories – acute, overuse, or medical illness. Understandably, each injury requires a different type of recovery plan. Here’s a little more information regarding these types of sports injuries:

  • Acute – Examples of an acute sports injury are sprains, cuts, herniated disks, pinched nerves, and fractures. Symptoms may include pain, bruising, spasms, numbness, and tingling.
  • Overuse – Examples of an overuse sports injury are tendonitis, shin splints, stress fractures, and nerve entrapment. Symptoms may include pain, swelling, grinding in the joints, and weakness.
  • Medical – Examples of a medical sports injury are concussions, fever, skin infections, heat exhaustion, and abdominal pain. For medical sports injuries, the symptoms are specific to the exact condition. Just to be safe, schedule an appointment with a doctor if you start feeling off.

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