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young woman stares longingly in one directionJust like your body gives physical symptoms that there is an injury within, your brain gives mental symptoms that something is not right. From a change in personality to seeking isolation often, keep reading to discover 4 signs of a compromised mental health state.

Personality Change

Many experts believe that personality traits stay stable throughout one’s lifetime. Although beliefs, values, and motivations may change, personality traits are mostly permanent. So, if you notice sudden and severe personality changes in a friend, this is a warning sign that their mental health is at risk.

Seeking Isolation

Many introverts recharge from spending time alone. However, continuously isolating oneself to find relief or canceling social outings often may be a sign that there is an emotional or mental health issue. People thrive from human interaction – whether a small or large amount – and closing oneself off to the world is not beneficial.

Foregoing Self Care

Self-care such as showering daily, eating right, exercising often, and wearing clean clothes are signs that a person is taking care of their body. If your friend is foregoing these healthy routines and replacing them with risky behaviors such as indulging in alcohol or drug use, eating the wrong foods, or binge-watching television instead of exercising, this could be indicative of a mental health issue.

Uncharacteristic Emotional Outbursts

When a person has a lot on their mind or is feeling stressed about a situation, it’s normal that the body lets out that emotion by crying or other beneficial releases. However, uncharacteristic emotional outbursts such as extreme anxiety or anger can become very dangerous for a person’s mental health.

Mercer Medicine Mental Health Counselors Can Help

The Mercer Medicine team values your mental health. We have in-house mental health counselors on staff to talk to you about your concerns and help you on this journey. We can help you with anxiety, emotional outbursts, mood disorders, substance abuse disorders, and more. Give us a call today: 478-301-4111.