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Hologram of lungs in the palm of pulmonologistWhen your lungs are not functioning correctly, it can make breathing difficult which affects your daily activities. If you’ve been referred to a pulmonologist, asking her these 5 questions will help you understand your condition better and what the future may look like.

Can you explain my diagnosis to me?

Understanding your diagnosis completely will help you take the appropriate steps toward treatment. When you talk to a Mercer Medicine pulmonologist, don’t hesitate to ask her any questions you have about your condition. We want you to thoroughly understand the diagnosis and partner with you on your recovery journey.

Should I avoid certain triggers?

Your condition (or symptoms of the condition) may worsen when you’re around certain triggers. Your pulmonologist will pinpoint which triggers cause your symptoms to flare and discuss ways to avoid them.

Will we know if there has been an improvement or decline in my lung health?

We want to keep you abreast of every change concerning your health. In doing so, we will meet with you on a regular basis to monitor your condition and/or run tests. Our in-house pulmonologists are passionate about helping your lung health thrive, as it affects every other part of your life.

Is there medication for my condition?

If your pulmonologist believes that medication can help manage your condition or help control your symptoms, it’s likely that he will prescribe medication for you to take. Understanding how this medication works and what side effects may be present is vital! We will be happy to discuss both aspects with you.

What if my symptoms worsen?

Contact your pulmonologist right away! We want to know what’s going on and we can guide you toward relief. If you ever feel like your life is in danger due to your condition, call 9-1-1 before calling your pulmonologist.

Do you have questions about lung health or your condition? Contact us: (478) 301-4111.