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Even if you’re healthy, you should see your general doctor on a regular basis. Just like maintaining your vehicle with regular tune-ups can improve your vehicle’s performance, your general doctor visits can optimize your health. Some reasons healthy people should still visit their doctor include knowing your baseline numbers, maintaining a consistent medical record, and preventing health concerns before they become big problems. Discover the details:

Know Your Baseline Numbers

With all baseline numbers, such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure results, there is always an optimal number that all people strive to maintain. When you know your baseline numbers, it’s easier to determine whether your latest cholesterol level or blood pressure reading has dramatically or subtly changed.

Maintain a Consistent Medical Record

When you go to the doctor on a consistent basis, you are taking care of your present and future self. If you have a consistent medical record, your general doctor will be able to pinpoint when a health issue arose and have better insight on how to treat your symptoms.

Prevent Health Concerns

Health issues rarely arise suddenly. Your body gives you subtle signs that something is wrong; and, if ignored, your body will give “louder”, more painful signs. Even if you’re healthy, you should regularly visit your general doctor to prevent issues from getting worse. When you visit your doctor at Mercer Medicine, she will check for any underlying health issues and discuss treatment options (if needed).

How Your General Doctor Can Help

At Mercer Medicine, all of our doctors have the experience and knowledge necessary to help patients on their health journey. We would be honored to team with you to improve your health! Here are several elements of health we can be of assistance:

  • Primary Care
    • Annual Wellness
    • Sick Visits
    • Medicare wellness visits
    • Flu & Shingles Vaccines
  • Dexa Bone Scan
  • Nuclear Stress Test
  • Pulmonary Function Testing

Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions: 478-301-4111.