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Areas Of Care

  • Psychiatry and Mental Health


Dr. Morgan Stinson is a licensed marriage and family therapist who focuses on mental health literacy in underserved and rural communities. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Marriage, Family, & Human Development at Brigham Young University, then earned his Master of Science in Child Development & Family Relations with Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy at East Carolina University before completing his PhD in Human Development & Family Sciences with Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy at The University of Georgia. Bringing his expertise to Mercer Medicine in 2016, Dr. Stinson is exploring the role of technology in expanding access to and improving the quality of mental health care in rural areas.

Dr. Stinson is an active member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) and the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA).

Dr. Stinson practices marriage and family therapy at Mercer Medicine Downtown Macon.