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Areas Of Care

  • Psychiatry and Mental Health


Born in Dublin, Georgia with a large extended family throughout Laurens County, Jane Hardee joined Mercer University’s School of Medicine (MUSM) in June 1997. She developed an outpatient clinic for the Psychiatric Resident Training Program and the Marriage and Family Graduate Clinical Training Program, which later became the Family Therapy Graduate Clinic. She served as the Director of the Family Therapy Clinic and a Faculty Administrator at MUSM in the Department of Psychiatric and Behavioral Science.

Jane holds dual Georgia licenses as a Clinical Social Worker and a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is a member of the Academy of Clinical Social Workers and an approved Clinical Supervisor of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

In her free time, Jane enjoys hiking, sailing, walking, biking, and exploring the world through travel with her favorite travel companion and husband, Bill. Her most special experience was a three-week mission trip to provide medical supplies and assist in the construction of a home for orphans in Zimbabwe, during which she lived in a small community outside of Harare called Masemboro. The people were gracious, friendly and open. There, she was given her animal totem: a Zebra.

Jane Faulk Hardee practices at Mercer Medicine Downtown Macon.